Mr Entertainer CD+G Discs

Mr Entertainer Essentials 500 CD+G Pack

Karaoke Essentials is the Karaoke store favourite. 500 of the most requested karaoke songs of all time, featuring classics from all generations, from the 50's & 60's right up to the biggest hits of 2016. If you are looking for a high quality cost effective pack with songs to suit all ages, then look no further.

Supplied on 27 CD+G discs in a handy hard plastic spindle tub, showing on screen lyrics when played in any CD+G Karaoke Machine. Supplied with DIGITAL ALPHABETICAL SONGLISTS and FREE CDG RIPPER Software, allowing you to create digital backups of your tracks for safekeeping and playback on your PC

MRE51 - Mr Entertainer Collection - Chas & Dave

MRE47 - Mr Entertainer Collection - Classic Neil Diamond

MRE54 - Mr Entertainer Collection - Hits Of Elvis Presley