1950's Karaoke

Rock 'n Roll began in the 1950s. The new music used fast dance rhythms and gritty instrumental sounds. The first big Rock 'n Roll hit was 'Crazy, Man Crazy' by Billy Haley and the Comets in 1953.


Rock 'n Roll was a marriage between a variant of black Blues music, Rhythm 'n blues and white American folk or Country music. It also took in elements of Gospel music and Western swing. Rock 'n Roll typically used the basic Blues chord sequence, played fast on the guitar.  

Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry were the biggest stars of 1950's Rock and Roll. The tempo was around 120 BPM, much faster than the blues. This music was for dancing to.   Rock 'n Roll bands frequently used the electric guitar, a new instrument in the 1950's, together with the piano, string bass and drums.



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